Welcome to the home page of the TREASORES project.

TREASORES was an EU funded project (FP7 contract number 314068) concerned with the cheaper production of large area organic electronics such as lighting panels and solar cells. This was achieved by developing materials and processes compatible with roll-to-roll processing technology – in particular transparent electrodes, barrier foils and encapsulation layers. The project was led by Prof. Frank Nüesch of Empa (the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology).

The TREASORES project finished in October 2015, with the final review held in November 2015. This website will, however, continute to be updated with publications and patents that are largely attributable to the project but that were only completed after it had finished. This link gives a summary of the project’s successes.


Cheaper Devices

The TREASORES project will allow cheaper fabrication of organic electronics, and so more affordable consumer devices.

Flexible Devices

The technology developed by TREASORES will allow devices to be flexible.

Better Devices!

TREASORES will create more efficient solar cells and light sources.