Several TREASORES partners led by Dr. Roland Steim  from Empa (the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) recently published a paper with the title Laminated fabric as top electrode for organic photovoltaics in the journal Applied Physics Letters (vol. 106 Issue 19). For a limited time, the paper can be downloaded free from the previous link, afterwards it may be obtained normally with the citation or as DOI: 10.1063/1.4919940.

The paper describes the use of one of the electrode materials refined within the TREASORES project to construct organic photovoltaic devices (i.e. solar cells), and states that this approach with a woven electrode is very promising for solution processed devices (being in principle easily scalable to roll-to-roll production).

Cheaper Devices

The TREASORES project will allow cheaper fabrication of organic electronics, and so more affordable consumer devices.

Flexible Devices

The technology developed by TREASORES will allow devices to be flexible.

Better Devices!

TREASORES will create more efficient solar cells and light sources.