Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is TREASORES spelt incorrectly?

Because its difficult to think of a good acronym! TREASORES (Transparent Electrodes for Large Area, Large Scale Production of Organic Optoelectronic Devices) can also be seen as a linguistic compromise between the English word ‘treasure’ and the French word ‘trésor’. Some of the ideas and partners within the TREASORES project originally came together in an unsuccessful proposal with the working title TRÉSOR.

2) Can I get flexible photocells, lights etc. for my school, university, friend etc?

No, not yet (the project has just started), and it is not yet clear what we will do with any devices manufactured by the project.

Cheaper Devices

The TREASORES project will allow cheaper fabrication of organic electronics, and so more affordable consumer devices.

Flexible Devices

The technology developed by TREASORES will allow devices to be flexible.

Better Devices!

TREASORES will create more efficient solar cells and light sources.