The principal objective of the TREASORES project is:

the development and low-cost fabrication of large area transparent conducting barrier foils, and their integration into roll-to-roll produced organic electroluminescent and photovoltaic prototypes (bigger than 100 square centimetres)

To achieve this it will be necessary for the project to:

  • fabricate conductive, transparent barrier substrates using roll-to-roll processes
  • fabricate optoelectronic devices on these barrier substrates with good efficiciencies
  • to integrate effective encapsulation of these devices with roll-to-roll manufacturing (target OLED lifetime > 10000 hours)

The target efficiencies of the devices, and the scales upon which these efficiencies will be demonstrated, have been agreed with the EC, but as these figures are commercially sensitive they are not repeated here.

Cheaper Devices

The TREASORES project will allow cheaper fabrication of organic electronics, and so more affordable consumer devices.

Flexible Devices

The technology developed by TREASORES will allow devices to be flexible.

Better Devices!

TREASORES will create more efficient solar cells and light sources.